Airsoft Goggles – Do You Need Them?

Nowadays, airsoft is in that handful of firearm sports that are using non-lethal firearms and shotgun pellets.

If you are a newbie (or accomplished) player in this exciting play, you may well be curious to know about the equipment you’ll need, which would include safety eyewear.

Let us restate that… The most essential part of your airsoft gear is the safety eyewear.

Airsoft Goggles - Do You Need Them?

There are several different types of safety goggles and face masks in the marketplace currently and picking the most appropriate one to help shield your face can be difficult.

You must understand what safety goggles are required for airsoft because one faux pas is enough to cost you your vision.

You must understand what safety goggles are required for airsoft because one faux pas is enough to cost you your vision.

Not all safety goggles on the supply chain can endure the force of BB pellets, so keep on reading to better understand what airsoft goggles you need and why.

The Risks Of Airsoft

Airsoft started as a different method for practicing target shooting. It gradually evolved into tournaments with a scoring system and people being “killed.”

Many folks also love Airsoft since it’s a great game reenacting video game strategy. Airsoft offers a means for people who want real action in a non-lethal setting.

Airsoft also offers a secure setting for armed forces and police strategical modeling activities to polish up skill sets, techniques, and perceptions.

Guns appear and feel real, resulting in a lifelike training session.

Airsoft guns aren’t toys, but rather “high-quality level gun simulations.” Airsoft professionals stick to this terminology since Airsoft firearms shoot plastic BBs at muzzle speeds ranging from 100 to 400FPS.

Airsoft BBs do not penetrate the skin or harm vital organs. As a result, they aren’t deadly. That still does not mean they’re not worried about being safe, as they can easily damage your eyes.

Eye Injury

Even though airsoft BBs are not lethal, they can result in irreversible blindness. In fact, the most serious risk posed by Airsoft firearms is an eye injury.

As reported by the Centers for Disease Control, over 19,000 individuals received treatment for eye damage resulting from non-powder firearms.

Airsoft firearms are included. 71% of those receiving treatment were under the age of 20.

Due to the obvious risk of eye injuries, you must always protect your eyes when shooting with Airsoft firearms or even when you’re close to them when they are being fired (Check out What Is A Protective Scope Baffle here).

Even if you’re only firing BBs at targets, the same rule should apply. The right eye coverage can assist in preventing major eye injuries from a straight shot to the eyes or a bouncing BB.

Airsoft safety goggles, glasses, as well as full-face masks, provide the perfect eye and facial coverage for airsoft players.

To safeguard against bouncing BBs, safety goggles should at the very least wrap all around the sides of your eyes.

Types Of Goggles

Types Of Goggles

You should not enter the battlefield with just one set of “cool dude” safety goggles.

There are various kinds of protective goggles for each circumstance, action game, or tier, so you should understand if that awesome pair of safety goggles you’re carrying is right for the type of game you’re aiming for.

Airsoft Mesh Goggles

Airsoft mesh goggles are a common option for those who are only getting started with airsoft firearms.

Such safety goggles are distinguished by a sturdy plastic material with numerous small openings on the safety goggles themselves, which means that they do not have any lenses.

What Is The Purpose Of Wearing Those?

This mesh eyewear is trending among airsoft players who prefer to wear eyeglasses that just don’t fog up in any way. This face safety equipment has excellent breathability attributable to the holes, so there will be no fogging.

Apart from that, they are also incredibly light!

However, these mesh goggles undoubtedly offer the minimum safety when especially in comparison to the finest airsoft goggles (we’ll talk about them in a bit).

The airsoft BBs have a higher likelihood of shattering upon contacting the mesh, with the fractured bits piercing the holes and ultimately your eyes.

There are certainly mesh eye goggles on the market that will resist the force of searing BBs, yet there are also some poorly constructed models that tear with the very first strike from airsoft firearms.

If you are on a tight budget, this is a nice alternative, but you need to pick wisely.

Airsoft Safety Goggles

Now we’ve arrived at the king of all airsoft protective eyewear.

The Airsoft full seal goggles have a considerably heavier design than the mesh ones, normally with lens sealants or anti-fog composites, UV resistance, a sturdy screen, and other advanced features to ensure not only maximum comfort but also the finest composites for sure safety.

What’s better is that the majority of the finest airsoft seal goggles have a durable lens that is just as strong as a paintball mask, as well as protection against scratches and shattering.

Several are even equipped with dual lenses for added protection in the instance that you get shot in the eyes. If the external lenses fracture or tear, your internal lenses will still help shield you.

A great set of full-seal goggles could shield you from airsoft BBs from every direction given that there is no entry point for them.

Many airsoft goggles also are military-grade, notably the ESS Land Operations goggles, which have been approved by the US Military.

To be specific, these army airsoft goggles have been tested by being struck by high-velocity airsoft firearms at various specific distances, so you can rest assured you will have completely secure safety goggles.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, depending on how serious you are about your eyesight, you should buy the right protective goggles.

While you can get the mesh goggles we described above, opting for the full-seal safety goggles is a better option.

Having an eye injury when playing airsoft can be very dangerous, so make sure that you are being 100% protected and avoid any unpleasant outcomes.

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