Airsoft Hydration Bladder Pouch – Why You Need One

Hydration bladders are amongst the best parts of the airsoft gear, solving a major problem that could have plagued airsoft players.

Airsoft Hydration Bladder Pouch - Why You Need One

So, if you are wondering why you need a hydration bladder pouch with you when playing airsoft, we can answer that in this article.

Why Do You Need A Hydration Bladder Pouch For Airsoft?

What hydration bladder pouches do is solve the problem of transporting significant amounts of water without taking up valuable space or making it inconvenient for you to carry water around.

Imagine having to carry water bottles with you as you run along the field. It would definitely make the game less exciting and even turn the experience into quite an irritating one.

Hydration bladders, in case you’re unfamiliar with them, are soft-sided big plastic containers. They are soft to the touch and versatile because they are composed of soft, flexible material.

What is more, every hydration bladder pouch comes with a long sipping tube. Airsoft players can drink water straight from their bladder pouches while “on the go” thanks to this tube.

Therefore, hydration bladder pouches are by far the best method of carrying water when you want to enjoy an airsoft play as much as possible and with limited inconveniences.

So, What Exactly Are The Advantages Of Hydration Bladder Pouches For Airsoft Players?

The advantages of hydration bladder pouches are the following:

Ease Of Staying Hydrated

Staying hydrated is made simple thanks to the drinking tube connected to the hydration bladder pouches. Airsoft players don’t have to slow down or stop, remove their backpacks, and then search for water.

Doesn’t Take Up Extra Space

The bladder’s squishiness enables it to fit easily inside the backpack’s frame pocket. Hydration bladders occupy no valuable backpack space because they are practically not in the main backpack space.

Convenience Of Carrying Water With You

The soft sides and flexibility of hydration bladder pouches eliminate the problem of water bottles bouncing and moving around a player’s backpack every time they make an abrupt move or jump.

Furthermore, hydration bladder pouches help to evenly share the water’s weight and maintain the backpack’s balance.

No Wasted Space When The Water Is All Gone

There is no wasted space because the hydration bladder pouches start to shrink as the players keep drinking water.

In contrast to conventional canteens, which take up a lot of backpack space when emptied, hydration bladder pouches essentially shrink to nothing.

Extremely Lightweight

Extremely Lightweight

Hydration bladders are extremely light. Even the widest 3L bladders are frequently 200 grams or less in weight.

In comparison, a classic Nalgene plastic bottle weighs about 120 grams and has the capacity of only one liter of water.

Water Bladders Vs. Hydration Bladder Pouches

Hydration bladder pouches are not the same as water bladders. Water bladders, like hydration bladders, are soft-sided water containers.

However, water bladders, are difficult to mount to a bag and they also do not come with a drinking tube that makes it possible to drink water straight away without having to open the bag.

To put it simply, water bladders are used when there is a lack of water around camp or in a kayak, whereas hydration bladder pouches are used when playing airsoft or other games that require you to drink water on the move.

Hydration-Compatible Backpack

To make the best out of a hydration bladder pouch, a hydration-compatible backpack is required.

Hydration-compatible backpacks make it possible to simply insert the hydration bladder pouches between the backpack’s frame and fabric.

Such backpacks also include the points of attachment required to attach the hydration bladder pouches to the backpack.

Standard Sizing

Most hydration bladder pouches come in 1L, 2L, and 3L dimensions.

Several bladder pouches are bigger or smaller than others, but 2L and 3L are the two most popular sizes bought by most airsoft players, be it newbies or professionals.

Which Size Should I Buy?

If you already have a hydration-compatible bag and all you are missing is a new hydration bladder pouch, the size you should buy would probably depend on the size of your backpack and the amount of water you wish to have with you while playing.

Certain fairly small backpacks can accommodate 2L or less hydration bladder pouches.

The 3L size is suitable for bigger backpacks and people who are comfortable with carrying a bit of extra weight on their shoulders.

Keep in mind that bigger capacity hydration bladder pouches offer greater flexibility while only adding a liter or two more to the weight.

What If I Don’t Have A Backpack?

When buying a backpack for airsoft, look for one that is totally hydration compatible. Even though almost all new airsoft backpacks are hydration compatible, many designs of daypacks are not and it is easy to confuse one for the other.

Quality Is Essential

Because hydration bladder pouches carry water and are subjected to heavy use, it is critical to purchase a high-quality bladder to avoid the risk of a leak.

Osprey, Camelbak, as well as Hydrapak (among others) all produce high-quality hydration bladder pouches that ought to last for ages, even with heavy use.

Where Can I Buy Good Bladders?

If you want to visit a physical store, you should probably be looking in places selling hiking gear. Online, you can find them in the Amazon store by clicking here.

The Bottom Line

Hydration bladder pouches are the best method of carrying water with you when playing airsoft.

Unlike conventional plastic bottles that are uncomfortable to carry in a backpack, these pouches are great and can make drinking water an effortless thing to do whilst playing.

The ease of water intake they provide, the fact that they make it easier to carry a heavy load of water conveniently, and their space-saving design are by far their best attributes and the reasons why you should definitely invest in a hydration bladder pouch today.

If you want to be as efficient as possible for your next airsoft game, solving the hydration problem with a pouch is the best thing you can do!

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