Element Airsoft Helmet Torch – How To Use

If you’re planning on taking up airsoft, a helmet torch can be an extremely useful piece of gear. 

Airsoft is sometimes played at night, in which case, a torch will be required to help you see your teammates and opponents. The problem is that carrying a basic torch around is impractical when using an airsoft gun.

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That’s why most airsoft players prefer to have torches built into their helmets. 

In our opinion, the Element Airsoft Helmet Light System (Gen 2), also simply known as the Element Airsoft Helmet Torch, is one of the best torches you can get for playing airsoft.

But if you esny the Element Airsoft Helmet Light System to propel you to success during your games, you need to learn how to use it properly. 

Here’s a guide to using the Element Airsoft Helmet Light System correctly for the best results.

Setting Up the Element Airsoft Helmet Torch

Before you can start using your new helmet torch, you’ll need to set it up so that it’s functional. 

The Element Airsoft Helmet Light System doesn’t come with batteries included (Check out Where To Store Your Airsoft Gun Batteries Here), so the first thing you’ll need to do is purchase compatible batteries so that the light turns on.

We recommend purchasing the batteries you need at the same time as you order your helmet light system so you can start using it straight away when you unbox it. 

The batteries specified by the manufacturer are 16430 (3.7V) or CR123A (3.0V). Either of these batteries will work fine, so it’s up to you which ones to use. 

To insert the batteries into the unit, you’ll need to open the battery cap, which is sealed using an O-ring. You’ll be able to identify the battery cap because it has a disable switch on it.

If you want to check that your batteries are working before attaching the unit to your helmet, skip down to our ‘Attaching the Light’ section to learn how to do this. Otherwise, keep reading to learn how to attach your helmet torch to your airsoft helmet. 

Attaching the Unit 

Because the Element Airsoft Helmet Light System is purchased separately from your airsoft helmet, you’ll need to attach it after purchase. 

Luckily, the unit comes with all the mounting equipment you need to secure your torch to either a helmet or baseball cap (although we don’t recommend playing airsoft without the proper protection of a helmet). 

To attach the airsoft helmet light system to your airsoft helmet, you can use the 20 mm rail adaptor, which comes built into the torch. Alternatively, if the rail adaptor doesn’t fit your helmet, you can also choose to clip it on using the included MICH helmet adaptor mount.

A baseball cap clip is also included with your purchase, which you can use to secure your helmet light system to your cap should the need arise. 

Bear in mind that while the Element Airsoft Helmet Light System wouldn’t be described as heavy by any means, it still weight 110 grams, so you’ll need to ensure that whichever mount or clip you use to secure the unit to your helmet or cap is as secure as possible to prevent it from falling off. 

While the light system features a durable construction, it is ultimately made of plastic so you really want to avoid dropping it too much if you want to keep it in good condition for as long as possible, hence why attaching it securely is so important. 

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Adjusting the Light 

You might prefer to do this step both before and after attaching the unit to your helmet if you want to check that your batteries are the right ones and that your purchase is functional. 

Regardless, before you start playing airsoft using your new helmet torch, you’ll need to be familiar with the different light settings and how to use them. 

The light units built into the Element Airsoft Helmet Light System include 3 white LED bulbs, 2 red LEDs, and also an infrared IFF LED beacon, which produces green light. 

You can control the brightness of the red and white LEDs and the IFF LED beacon’s intensity can be adjusted using the pressure switch. Just press it once for the minimum brightness output, twice for the next level up, and 3 times for maximum intensity.

The toggle switches can be used to select the light color that you want. These switches are sensitive, allowing you as the player to have total control over your light output, which is important from a tactical perspective in a game like airsoft. 

When you don’t need to use the lights anymore, simply flick the off switch and all the lights will turn off.

There’s no need to press the pressure switch again to turn off the lights because this will simply continue to adjust the brightness, so only push the pressure switch again if you want to change the intensity of your lighting.

Extra Help

If you need any additional assistance learning how to use your Element Airsoft Helmet Torch, the first place we recommend turning to is the user manual, which should be provided in the box. 

The user manual that comes with the Element Airsoft Helmet Light System (Gen 2) includes detailed diagrams to help you locate all the switches and learn all the functions, so you shouldn’t have any further questions after consulting it. 

If you’ve followed the instructions here as well as the steps in the user manual and are having problems with your unit, contact the seller from which you purchased it. You may be entitled to a replacement or a refund. 

Final Thoughts 

Using the Element Airsoft Helmet Light System (Gen 2) is easy because none of the switches or features are complicated. 

You just need to make sure you purchase the right batteries, secure it to your helmet or cap using the right mount, and get to grips with the switches for the LED and infrared lights.

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