G&P Laser Designator And Illuminator – Uses & More

The G&P Laser Designator and Illuminator (DBAL-A2) is a targeting laser that works in both the visible and infra-red spectrums. It’s designed specifically for airsoft guns and can help you make sure that your shots are always on target.

G&P Laser Designator And Illuminator - Uses & More

In this article, we will look at the DBAL-A2 in more detail.

About The G&P Laser Designator And Illuminator

The G&P Dual Laser Designator and Illuminator (DBAL-A2) is a laser pointer designed for airsoft guns. It is a replica of the Laser Devices’ DBAL-A2, which has the US DoD designation of AN/PEQ-15A.

Both versions operate in similar ways and share many of the same functions with the main differences being the material used in construction and that the airsoft version is much smaller.

As well as being a laser pointer, it also has a night vision illuminator. You have the option of using both a visible, red laser and an infra-red laser that can only be seen with night-vision gear. 

The G&P Dual Laser Designator and Illuminator is available in two colors, which are black and tan. It’s pretty lightweight at only 9.6 ounces and is made from a polymer to help keep it so light.

How It Works

The G&P Dual Laser Designator and Illuminator (DBAL-A2) has many different functions and settings for you to choose from. Let’s look at some of these in more detail. 


The DBAL-A2 uses one CR123A 3V battery. These are easily swapped out if a battery runs out but they should be able to last you through an airsoft session without the need for replacements (Check out Where To Store Your Airsoft Gun Batteries Here).

You can easily buy replacement CR123 batteries in either disposable or rechargeable options.

Mode Settings

You have the option of four different modes with the DBAL-A2. These are:

  • ON LO PWR – this gives you a laser that is low power and constantly on
  • MOM LO PWR – this gives you a laser that is lower, but only momentary on. It will turn off when you remove your finger from the fire button or from the remote.
  • MOM HI PWR – this is a high power laser that is only momentary. Again, you will need to physically keep the laser switched on
  • ON HI PWR – this is a high powered laser that is constantly on

The momentary on option is especially useful if you want to quickly switch your laser on and off. This is the mode that we generally use the most as we find it a stealthier option than the constant on mode.

If you do opt to use the momentary mode, we would advise using the remote switch. Having to keep your finger on the fire button on top of the DBAL-2 is a little awkward and means that you have to adjust your grip on your gun.

The remote, on the other hand, allows you to keep your grip and hold it however feels best.

Laser Options

As we said before, the DBAL-A2 gives you the option of both a visible red laser and an infra-red laser that is only visible with night vision equipment. It can also illuminate the path too, so this gives you a wide variety of laser options to choose from.

  • VIS POINT – this gives you only the visible, red laser
  • I/R ILLUM – with this option, you only get the infra-red illuminator
  • I/R POINT & ILLUM – this option lets you choose bother the infra-red laser pointer and the infra-red illuminator at the same time
  • I/R POINT – this is the infra-red pointer only

As you can see, the option names are pretty self-explanatory so you should have no issues choosing the best option for your circumstances.

The DBAL-A2 gives you plenty of choice when it comes to low-light conditions and there is an LED at the rear of the DBAL-A2 that will tell you whether the device is on.

Remember that the lasers all have caps on them to protect the glass so these must be removed before you switch the lasers on.

When you use the illuminator, you can adjust how large the illumination range is. This is done by twisting an illumination ring to make it smaller or larger.


You should have no problems with mounting the DBAL-A2 to your gun. It’s a throw lever type and has both adjustable tension and a locking arm. This means you should be able to attach it to almost any type of rails, even those that aren’t as common.

When you have the DBAL-A2 mounted correctly and the tension is right, it’s very solid and shouldn’t move around.

Are Lasers Allowed In Airsoft?

There are many debates around the use of lasers in airsoft. Some airsoft sites restrict their usage and others have an outright ban.

If your airsoft site is anywhere near a military installation or an airport, for example, you may find that they’re banned completely.

Before you decide to buy any laser, we would recommend checking the rules at your local site to ensure you can use it.

Tips To Remember When Using A Laser

The idea of using a laser and illuminator such as a DBAL-A2 is to find your target and get a better shot on them. However, you need to be careful when using one.

Avoid people’s faces as shining your laser in their eyes can easily blind them for a few moments. You don’t need to go for headshots in airsoft so keep your lasers low and target the body instead.

This is why it’s best to keep your illuminator to a smaller setting, too. When its range is larger, you again run the risk of momentarily blinding your opposition.

Using lasers and illuminators in this manner is a quick way of getting their use restricted at your airsoft site. 

Final Thoughts

The DBAL-A2 is one of the best airsoft lasers and illuminators on the market. We hope this article has helped explain this bit of kit.

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