Half Finger Assault Gloves For Airsoft – Do You Need Them?

It can be difficult to know where to begin when you’re first getting started on equipping yourself with different types of airsoft gear.

Half Finger Assault Gloves For Airsoft - Do You Need Them

There are so many items on the market that claim to be beneficial for this activity, but with time, all of the equipment adds up and can get quite expensive. 

This conundrum has probably led you to consider which items are really necessary, and which you can do without. Fingerless gloves might not seem all that important, seeing as you can still play without them.

If you want to know more about fingerless assault gloves, keep reading below, as we help you to decide whether or not they’re actually necessary. 

Why Should I Buy Fingerless Gloves For Airsoft? 

Right, let’s just get straight to it and answer your question directly. If you’ve been wondering whether or not airsoft gloves would be a good investment, we’ve got a few points that you should consider in helping you to decide. 

  • First of all, one of the benefits of purchasing fingerless assault gloves for airsoft, is that they allow you to handle smaller items when you’re playing the game, with more flexibility than regular gloves. 
  • You still have the mobility of using your fingers whilst participating in the game, but with a layer of protection that will prevent you from acquiring cuts and scrapes. 
  • You have limited control with full finger gloves, which can prevent you from making certain movements, such as shooting and handling your weapon, pulling the trigger, and switching your magazines. 
  • Power tools can cause injury when you’re playing the game, but half finger gloves will help to protect you from acquiring any of these. They cover up your lower wrists, palms, and the back of your hands will all be adequately protected so that you can play safely. All the while, the fingerless portion allows you to use smaller parts, and also text and type. 
  • There’s nothing worse than getting sweaty palms whilst playing airsoft, as it can prove to be quite the distraction. This is why fingerless gloves are so beneficial when the weather is hot outside. Because they are more lightweight than other types of gloves, and a portion of your skin is exposed, you won’t feel the same discomfort when playing. 
  • They protect you from the weather, so that if it’s a particularly hot day and you happen to touch a blazingly warm pole, you won’t face any discomfort or pain. 
  • They protect you from physical damage, so that if you accidentally get whacked on the knuckles with a gun, it won’t hurt nearly as much as if you weren’t wearing any. 

The Cons Of Fingerless Gloves

Now that we’ve considered some of the benefits of wearing gloves whilst playing airsoft, let’s look at some of the issues that fingerless gloves might pose. The list of negative points is nowhere near as extensive, however. 

  • Even though they protect your hands to a certain degree, they don’t fully cover your fingers, and so you may still be susceptible to injury to a certain degree. 
  • If you are playing airsoft in a particularly cold climate, then half finger gloves probably aren’t your best option. Because they’re more lightweight, and your fingers are exposed, this could cause you a lot of discomfort in colder temperatures.
  • They don’t provide protection against burns, so if you happen to touch something really hot whilst wearing them, they won’t fully protect you and you could still get burnt depending on the cause. 

What Are Some Important Things To Consider When Purchasing Fingerless Gloves? 

If you’ve fully read all of the benefits and drawbacks of owning fingerless gloves that we’ve listed above, and want to go ahead and invest your money in a pair, then there are some things that you should probably consider first. 


If you’re somebody who is truly serious about pursuing airsoft as a hobby, as I’m sure you are if you’re reading this article, then it is important to make sure that the quality of the item you’re buying is to a good standard.

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This is because once you purchase a pair, they should last you a number of years, so making that initial investment should be worthwhile. 

If you’ve played airstoft before, then you will be fully aware of the fact that gloves take a good beating each time you use them, so they need to be built to last.

Make sure that you purchase a pair that have strong stitching, reinforced areas, and are built from a sturdy material. 


Another thing to consider is how much protection the gloves will offer your hands. You can purchase some that have padded knuckles or protectors constructed from plastic to keep you from sustaining any injuries.

This sounds fantastic, but also bear in mind that gloves with a high degree of protection will often hinder your dexterity, so it’s important to find the right balance. 


Another important thing to consider when purchasing a pair of half fingered gloves is the fit. Because you’ll be wearing them regularly, you need to find ones which are tailored to your hands.

Pay attention to the size charts, and measure your hands from the tip of your middle to the bottom of your wrist to find your perfect size. 

Final Thoughts

Although there are a few drawbacks to wearing half finger assault gloves, the benefits far outweigh these.

If you are passionate about playing airsoft, and partake in it regularly, then it is important to make an investment in the right kind of gloves.

Fingerless gloves are fantastic for offering you that all important mobility that you need for more delicate tasks.

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