How To Fit A Rail Cover Airsoft

To achieve your full potential within airsoft, there are a variety of different accessories and attachments that you can purchase to help you.  Whether it is a mount, extra battery boxes, lasers, or scopes, there are so many things that can improve your game. 

How To Fit A Rail Cover Airsoft

One of the best ways to help improve your Airsoft experience is to invest in some rail covers for your gun.  In this article, we will look at how to fit a rail cover to your airsoft gun and why you might need a rail cover. 

What Is A Rail Cover?

Before we get into how to fit a rail cover to your Airsoft gun, it is important to understand what a rail cover is.  An Airsoft rail cover is exactly what it says it is.  It is a cover that fits over the rail on which you can attach a plethora of accessories. 

A correctly fitted rail cover maintains the full slot dimensions on your rail so that you can still attach all of the accessories that you want.  There are many different styles of Airsoft rail covers that can help to give your gun a unique look that will really make it stand out.  

Why Do I Need A Rail Cover?

Technically, you don’t need to have a rail cover on your Airsoft gun, however, it can provide many benefits that can help elevate the quality of your game.  The main benefit that a rail cover provides is extra grip which can help increase the amount of control you have over your weapon. 

This increased control means that you can fire shots with much more accuracy than without the cover.  

A rail cover can also protect the rail of your gun from damage that can be caused by the jolting that occurs when a round is fired. 

Accessories that are attached to the rail can cause damage over time, the rail can prevent or at least delay this minor damage and keep your gun and attachments in the best condition possible.  

Rail covers are also a good option if you partake in Airsoft during the colder months as well as the summer.  The metal rail on your gun can become particularly cold and be more difficult to hold in the winter. 

A rail cover, which is often made of plastic, can be much more comfortable to hold.  

How To Fit A Rail Cover?

Once you have decided to fit rail covers to your gun, there are a few steps to successfully fitting them to your machine.  Below is a step-by-step guide to fitting rail covers to your gun.  

Purchase A Rail Cover That Fits Your Gun

The first step in fitting a rail cover on your gun is to purchase a cover that fits the model of your gun. 

There are a few brands that are designed to fit the majority of Airsoft guns but it is still a good idea to check the dimensions before taking the plunge as it can be frustrating and inconvenient to have to repurchase different covers.  

When purchasing rail covers you will also have a choice between smaller pieces that you have to fit over each individual hole in the rail or longer pieces that cover all the holes with one cover. 

Whether you choose long or short rail covers depends on your preference and what your gun can facilitate.  

How To Fit A Rail Cover Airsoft

Fitting The Rail Panels Into Place

Once you have gotten your rail covers, it is time to begin fitting them in place.  For this article, we will be describing the process for small, individual covers, although the process is very similar for longer pieces.  

Take each of the rail panel pieces one at a time.  You should have enough to cover all of the holes that you don’t want to add any attachments to.  The rail panels are the pieces that still have holes in them to allow the locking pieces to fit into place. 

You may need to apply significant force to get some of the panels into place because they are designed to fit snugly and securely.  Two hands are often needed to do this.  Once you have fitted all of the rail panels into place, you can move on to the next step.

Secure The Locking Pieces

Now that all of the panel pieces have been fitted into the rail, it is time to fit the loving pieces that keep the cover in place and provide the grip.  The locking pieces fit into the holes in the rail panels. 

In order to fit them into place, you will need to apply a significant amount of force and it will require two hands to do.  This force is required because the panels and locking pieces are designed to have a very snug fit. 

Do not be worried about the pieces breaking when you apply the force as they are made of very durable materials and are designed to be assembled in this way. 

Once the locking pieces are in place, you will have a sleek-looking gun that is easy to grip and protected from external and internal damage. 


If you struggle with fitting the rail cover yourself, you should first check that the covers you bought are designed to fit your gun as this is the most common problem. 

If they are the correct size, then they may be faulty panels and you should contact the retailer or manufacturer for further advice.  Do not try to force a rail panel that won’t fit as you can damage your gun. 

Final Thoughts

Rail covers can be extremely useful on Airsoft guns and provide many benefits besides just covering the rail when you don’t have attachments in place.  The best thing about rail covers is that they are incredibly easy to fit yourself at home. 

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