How To Fit Your Big Dragon Mini Folding Battle Sight

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How To Fit Your Big Dragon Mini Folding Battle Sight?

Adding an aftermarket sight to your gun is one of the first steps people take when they buy their first Airsoft gun, and one of the most popular sets of aftermarket Airsoft sights is the Big Dragon Mini Folding Battle Sight.

So if you’ve just bought a Big Dragon Mini Folding Battle Sight and are wondering how to fit it to your Airsoft gun, then read on to learn how!

How To Fit The Sight

Fitting the Big Dragon Mini Folding Battle Sight is not a difficult task at all, all you’ll need to install these sights to your Airsoft gun is a flathead screwdriver, and the sights themselves.

Firstly, you’ll want to remove any sights that currently sit on top of your airsoft gun prior to installing the new ones if they’re going to impede the use of your new sights for your gun.

Next, you’ll want to identify where the screws are located on your new sights, then, use your flathead screwdriver to turn the screws to the left so that it loosens the screws, this will then allow you to slot the sights onto the 20mm rails in order for you to be able to mount your sights (Check out this Big Dragon Rail Mount Here).

Once your sights are on the rails, move your sights to the position that you want them to be in, and ensure that they’re aligned properly, then use your flathead screwdriver to turn the screws to the right, which will then secure the sights onto the rails, which will then ensure that your sights won’t slide or fall off at any point whilst using your Airsoft gun.

How To Align Your Sights

Once your sights are secured onto your Airsoft gun, then the next step is to align your sights so that you can use them properly!

On the side of your iron sights near where the big screws are located, should be a smaller little screw, this is what will allow you to adjust your sights.

In order to align your sights, you want to use a small target, and shoot your gun at the target to determine the trajectory of your shots, then adjust your iron sights accordingly until the two are perfectly aligned, this will ensure that whenever you shoot, that your shots are going exactly where you aim them.

Aligning your sights is especially important ahead of a skirmish, even if you haven’t bought and fitted aftermarket sights, as even a small knock might be enough to skew the alignment of your sights, so it is something that you should always check before every match.

Otherwise, you’ll find that your shots are skewed from where you’re trying to aim them, and you’ll likely end up missing the enemy!

Iron Sights Vs Red Dot Sights

Iron Sights Vs Red Dot Sights

Often when it comes to deciding on an aftermarket sight, there is often debate about what is better, the iron sights of a gun, or the use of a red dot scope.

Both have their advantages, so it’s important to do your research on the features of each one before deciding which of the options is going to be best for you.

Iron sights are great and were designed to be used with the weapon of your choice, these will usually come with painted dots in order to help you focus when you’re aiming down your sight.

If you upgrade your iron sights from the ones included on your gun to newer ones, then you’ll have to make sure that they are aligned properly before you use them, otherwise, you’ll find your shots aren’t landing where you want them to.

Upgraded iron sights are also a great option and will often glow in low light settings, or you’ll be able to fold them down like the Big Dragon Mini Folding Battle Sight, which means that you can have these sights mounted to your gun at all times, regardless of if you’re using an added red dot or holographic sight.

Red Dot sights and other holographic sights are other upgrade options that are popular purchases for most people who own an Airsoft rifle, and this is for a number of reasons.

For example, many of these sights offer a level of magnification, which makes it easier to spot and target your enemies at longer ranges.

In addition to this, if you regularly play in low light conditions, a sight that makes use of an illuminated dot is going to be much more preferable to use than even iron sights with glow-in-the-dark paint.

That’s not to say that red dot sights are without their problems however, for example, they rely on a battery for their power, which means that they will need their battery replaced at some point in time, so although the battery life on these tends to be pretty long, the last thing you need is your battery running out in the middle of a skirmish.

In addition to this, they don’t work so well in overly bright conditions, so you should probably avoid them if you regularly play in sunny conditions.


To summarise, fitting your Big Dragon Mini Folding Battle Sight isn’t too difficult of a task and will provide you with an excellent upgrade on your original gun sights, just make sure that you have screwed your sights on properly, and that they are also aligned before you use them!

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