How To Set Up Your Red & Green Dot Rifle Scope For Airsoft

Airsoft is a game that everyone playing it wants to keep becoming better. One way to do that is to step up in your dot sight game and start using a red or green dot sight.

How To Set Up Your Red & Green Dot Rifle Scope For Airsoft

But how can you set up your red and green dot rifle scope for airsoft, and what is the difference between the two colors? Keep on reading below to get an answer to these questions!

What Are The Differences Between A Red And Green Dot Sights?

The answer is completely dependent upon the two types of vision receptors you can get: rods and cones. Rods, so called due to their shape, aid in low-light vision, whereas cones aid in color vision.

Rods only operate in low light thanks to a compound known as rhodopsin, which is bleached by light and regenerates in about half an hour.

Nevertheless, the color that has the slightest impact on night mode is not identical to the color that allows you to see at the lowest levels of lighting, and it seems that our eyesight has higher sensitivity to green light.

If two dots of light with the same input power are compared, the green dot appears to be 30 times brighter than the red dot.

This indicates that for the green light, reduced power rates could be used, which results in better battery economy practices.

Even though cutting the power expenditure is awesome, keep in mind that green laser sights are still much more costly than the red ones (Check out the Big Dragon Mini Folding Battle Sight Here).

How To Set Up Your Red & Green Dot Rifle Scope For Airsoft

Before you proceed with any other actions, you should put your red or green dots to the test. Check to see if your unit is operational.

Once you are out in the field, you can customize the scope illumination with the use of knobs or adjustments based on the perceptible light levels.

You can modify it once you get it but be certain that you purchased the best red or green dot sights for your requirements.

If your red or green dot reticle is brighter than it should be when firing in low-light conditions, you will observe a blurry or halo effect. Conversely, if your lighting setups are too low in strong sunlight, the reticle fades away.

How To Mount Your Red Or Green Dot Sights Correctly

This stage necessitates some experimenting. Don’t fret; we’ve got a few pointers to help you improve your optics.

One basic premise is to put the red or green dot sights in an area with the least amount of line of sight possible. The best position for the optic for the majority of players is over the ejection port.

However, the best location for the optic differs depending on the kind of weapon you own. In rifles, the greatest position for balancing and stability is on top of the receiver.

Other factors to think about when you mount a dot sight include space and weight. Furthermore, do not forget that a closer dot will offer you a larger field of vision.

Most red dots, for example, already include a rail attachment as well as other essential tools. If they don’t, you can attach your red dot on the gun with widely used tools like Allan wrenches and hex keys.

Shooting With A Red Or Green Dot Sight In Airsoft

Once you are ready to shoot with your dot sight in place, get in your shooting position so that you have a large field of vision for target identification.

Look at your target from a line range keeping both of your eyes open. Check to see if the red or green dot reticle moves as it aims for the target.

You can then shoot without hesitation when the reticle has met your endpoint. As you become more familiar with your scope, you will realize that engaging your target is simple and happens almost instantly.

Choosing The Right Dot Sights

First and foremost, you must select the ideal sight for your firearm. There should be one sort of sight that matches your preferences and aesthetic among the many sold.

Get The Right Gun

Get The Right Gun

One thing is certain about red and green dot sights: they function better with the right gun. So, be cautious when selecting a sight for your airsoft firearm.

Reticle Sizes

When talking about the reticle of your red and green dot sight, size is of great importance. It can have an impact on your shooting performance regardless of range.

Working with your reticle could seem a bit tricky. With the proper reticle size and shape, you can achieve the optimal stability between swift target identification and point of aim.

For accurate targetting, a 2-MOA dot is preferable. It will be more difficult to use bigger dots accurately. So, the size of the reticle is entirely up to you.

For a correct sight picture, you could always modify your reticles to start firing your target at any range.


A green or red dot sight may request intervention from time to time to complete its mission. And that is where your iron sights come into play.

Iron sights, when positioned at the right level, can do miracles for your dots. Consider iron sights to be backup sighting mechanisms in the event of an optic malfunction.

Additional Accessory

There are, however, other features to look for when using a red or green dot sight.

The majority of red and green dot scopes sold are created to last. They are designed to withstand fog, shock, moisture, and sometimes even electromagnetic pulses (EMP).

Manufacturing companies, however, keep them user-friendly with simple installation practices. The best part is that you’re able to tailor your red and green dot scopes to your specific needs.

Night vision is possible, for example, with compatible red dot scopes. Whenever this mode is selected, the dot is too small for the naked eye to detect.

All you are required to do is place a night vision monocular behind it. You will not have to stress about strong lighting hitting your eye when using the monocular.

A magnifier for your red dot sight would be another option. It is ideal for attempting to shoot small objects over lengthy ranges.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know how to use your red or green dot sight, it is time to decide which one is best for you.

We have explained the details of how they differ, so choose accordingly and take your airsoft game to the next level!

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