How To Set Up Your Z-Tactical zTEA Hi-Threat Tier 1 Headset Z110

If you participate in a lot of weekend long, full immersion Airsoft skirmishes, then chances are you’re going to be looking to get yourself a headset and communications setup so that you can communicate better with your teammates on the field, then chances are you’ll opt for the Z-Tactical zTEA Hi-Threat Tier 1 Headset Z110, a reputable and durable headset that will provide you with everything you need from a skirmish headset. 

How To Set Up Your Z-Tactical zTEA Hi-Threat Tier 1 Headset Z110

So if you’ve recently purchased a Z-Tactical zTEA Hi-Threat Tier 1 Headset Z110, then chances are you’ll be wanting to know exactly the best way for you to be able to set it up ready for your skirmishes, so follow our guide on the best way to set up your headset comms! 

Setting Up The Z-Tactical zTEA Hi-Threat Tier 1 Headset Z110

Upon purchasing and unboxing your Z-Tactical zTEA Hi-Threat Tier 1 Headset Z110, you will immediately be impressed by the quality of the headset, with it’s durable yet lightweight construction ensuring that it is ready for any conditions you might encounter throughout the duration of your skirmishes. 

To begin, you’ll want to insert the batteries into your headset for them to work.

To do so, locate the screw cover on the left side of the headset. Unscrewing this will then provide you with access to the place where you can then insert your batteries.

It is worth noting that the batteries you need are 2x AA batteries, which aren’t included with the headset, so you’ll need to purchase those separately if you want to use your headset right away! 

In order for you to be able to use this headset, you’ll have to partner it with a Z-Tactical PTT (Push To Talk) unit, as well as your choice of radios.

You will be able to partner this headset with any Z-Tactical PTT Unit that you want, however, this PTT unit has a plug type for the specific type of radio, which means that you’ll have to be careful to pick the right one up if you want to ensure that your communications setup works perfectly. 

Once your system is all connected, all you need to do then is set your radios to the desired frequency for you to communicate with your teammates, and then congratulations!

Your new Z-Tactical zTEA Hi-Threat Tier 1 Headset Z110 is ready to be used in your next skirmish! 

Why Use A Headset In Airsoft?

If you are new to Airsoft, you might be wondering why people decide to use headsets in order to communicate with their teammates, but there are actually some great reasons for using a headset throughout a skirmish!

If you skirmish in a large area, then it can sometimes be hard for you to relay intel to your teammates quick enough, or without alerting the enemy, which is where using radios and headsets comes in handy, as you can quickly communicate with your teammates. 

Why Use A PTT Unit?

When looking at some of the requirements for a successful communications setup for an Airsoft skirmish, you’ll see a lot of recommendations about the use of a PTT unit, which if you’re new to Airsoft and are unfamiliar with how a communications set up works, then you might be wondering why people opt to use one of these units. 

PTT stands for “Push To Talk”, and is essentially a device that simply consists of a button, and is found connected to both your radio and your headset.

What this button does, it opens up the lines for voice communications, allowing you to talk.

This means that those on the same radio frequency aren’t hearing everything you say or do and that your voice will only be transmitted when you are pushing the button, this ensures that the transmission remains as clear as possible so that everyone can hear each other. 

What To Look For In A Headset?

Buying a headset can be a difficult task, but there are two things you should definitely look for when you aim to buy a new headset.

The first of which is noise cancellation.

If your headset doesn’t have any form of noise cancellation, then you’re going to find it difficult to hear your teammates whilst on the battlefield, which could lead to your team getting eliminated!

The next feature to look for is weatherproofing! If you’re skirmishing outdoors where there is often a high chance of rain, then you’ll want to make sure that your headset is going to be able to withstand some of these conditions.

Thankfully, the Z-Tactical zTEA Hi-Threat Tier 1 Headset Z110 is exactly that, with a waterproof battery cover, and excellent noise cancellation.

Who Are Z-Tactical?

Z-Tactical is a communications brand created by the larger brand, Element Airsoft.

Based out of China, Z-tactical produces some of the most popular communications devices for Airsoft skirmishes on the market and are a reputable brand that many people trust when it comes to designing their communications setups. 

Z-Tactical’s product catalogue is impressive, and should have everything you need to ensure that you and your teammates are able to communicate successfully across the battlefield.

Some of their most notable products include noise reduction headphones, PTT units, walkie-talkies, unilateral headsets, as well as a whole host of other products. 

So with Z-Tactical having been an established communications company for over a decade now, you can rest assured that their products are going to provide you with some excellent quality communication devices, and should serve you well no matter what sort of environment you find yourself in during your Airsoft skirmishes. 


To summarize, setting up your Z-Tactical zTEA Hi-Threat Tier 1 Headset Z110 is an incredibly easy process, and in conjunction with the right PTT unit and radio, will provide an excellent communications setup for both you and your teammates.

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