How To Use An Airsoft Scope

Great scopes can be worth their weight in gold for shooters, dedicated sharpshooters, foragers, and competitive gun enthusiasts, allowing their users to execute firmer shots from long ranges.

An airsoft scope may also be an extremely valuable optical gadgets in airsoft, so knowing how to use one is important.

In addition to looking cool on an airsoft gun, they allow users to get a substantially better picture on the field, locate their targets, and place BBs quite aptly down the range while used adequately.

How To Use An Airsoft Scope

Generally, all firearms have some kind of sighting structure. Almost any firearm that shoots a projectile, regardless of whether it has iron sights (Check out the Big Dragon Mini Folding Battle Sight Here), red dots, or rifle scopes, should be aimed before actually firing.

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know regarding airsoft scopes, such as how and why you should use them, as well as what their components are.

Why Should You Utilize An Airsoft Scope?

Scopes look great, and to be completely frank, that by itself plays a great role in their appeal in airsoft.

However, an airsoft scope is a great addition to outdoor activities, especially when used for medium- to long-range shooting (70-100 m or more).

A scope could indeed allow you to detect and thereby hit a target from a longer range than iron, red dots, or reflex sights.

An airsoft scope can also assist you in tracking your BBs as they fall over long ranges, enabling you to modify your hop up and point effortlessly at the range, allowing you to move your shots to your aim with greater success.

Lastly, a scope can be an efficient scouting device when used as part of a team or in outdoor play, allowing you to identify and communicate details about possible aims to your team members.

Therefore, a scope can be a popular and valuable device for shooters or designed marksmen.

How To Use An Airsoft Scope

Lens Modification

Lens Modification

The customizable focus on an airsoft scope enables you to center the reticle to fit your eye aspects. Make the next modifications to get a crystal-clear image.

Hold the scope approximately 3 or 4 inches away from your face and take a glance through the eyepiece at a completely illuminated, clear spot, like a wall or morning sky.

If you see that the reticle is not instantaneously precisely defined, turn the eyepiece a couple of times for better focus and immediately look through the scope to check if you’ve fixed it.

If the focus has gotten better but isn’t yet flawless, keep turning until you get the right focus. Don’t ever look into the sun through an airsoft scope because it could cause irreversible damage to your vision!

Turrets Adjustment

After setting it on your weapon, you’ll need to zero the turrets by removing the turret cup and accessing the turret adjuster.

Using An Airsoft Rifle To Zero

When zeroing your airsoft scope, use high-quality BBs. As a first experiment, fire at 5 yards to make sure you are only auditing for scope inaccuracy.

After the initial zero, you must always zero at the range you will be shooting at. Targeting something, start firing 3 rounds from a steady resting position.

Fine-tune the airspeed and elevation turrets as required to right the aiming spot and impact point on the target. Perform the same action over and over again until the aiming point and impact are identical.

Once that is done, it means you have set up and zeroed your airsoft scope successfully!

We should mention here that, in case the target’s point of impact is considerably out of target after the initial repetitions, you should move on to inspecting the scope and how you have mounted it to make sure it is not misaligned or in the wrong position.

If necessary, try and remove the scope rings and the rings from the firearm and start again. This could eliminate any errors in the initial installation.

Understand Your Airsoft Scope Components

No matter what kind of scope you will use – an authentic steel scope or a replica – scopes have various systems that you ought to be knowledgeable of since they are common to most designs.

From the back towards the front, the most frequent are:

  • Eye lens – This refers to the part of the scope in which you look through and is nearer to your eyeball. It also is widely recognized as the eyepiece.
  • A ring (termed the focus ring) usually surrounds it, allowing people to change the clarity of what they observe.
  • Power ring – a small modification wheel on varying models that allows people to adjust the zoom of an image.
  • Windage turret – A tiny handle on the side of the scope that, once turned, shifts the reticle left or right in tiny increments to compensate for the wind’s impact on your BBs.
  • Elevation turret – A small knob on the upper side of the scope that, once turned, shifts the reticle upward or downward to compensate for BB drop when firing from a range.
  • Parallax turret – A small knob on the outer edge across the windage turret which, once turned, shifts the image of the aim in the scope nearer to or far away from the focal spot of the reticle to compensate for the parallax effect.
  • Objective Lens – in simple words, this is the lens on the scope that is the furthest away from your stock and closest to your aim, i.e. that which you’re not staring through and through which the light comes in.

Generally, the broader the objective lens, the more light it collects, resulting in a clearer view.

The Bottom Line

There’s no denying that scopes are awesome, and when utilized properly, they can be a valuable addition to an airsoft play.

However, they are accuracy gadgets that can be quite expensive to purchase, so consumers should ensure that they comprehend how and why they can use one.

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