How To Use Speed Plastic Loader Rounds

As a newcomer to Airsoft, there is a lot for you to get to grips with before you find yourself at a skirmish, from how to insert gas into a pistol’s magazine, to learning how to best store your ammunition whilst on the field.

This can often seem rather complex, and at times might even feel a bit overwhelming, fear not, however, we’re here to provide you with all of the information you need to know before you step out onto the battlefield.

How To Use Speed Plastic Loader Rounds?

There’s a high chance that you’ll have seen the use of speed loaders mentioned across various different forms of Airsoft content, but you might not quite know what an Airsoft speed loader is, what it is they do, or how you can use them.

Speed loaders are extremely useful in the world of Airsoft, so learning how to use one is extremely important if you want to be successful at your next skirmish!

What Is An Airsoft Speed Loader?

An Airsoft speed loader is a small plastic piece of equipment that makes all of the difference when it comes to your reload time in a match.

These speed loaders are a way of filling up the magazines of most Airsoft pistols, or some other low/mid capacity magazines, and are much faster than trying to load individual BBs into the magazines at one time.

They are able to load BBs into your magazines much faster than you can individually as they can hold up to 120-150 BBs at any one time, and makes use of a simple pushing mechanism that helps to push multiple BBs into the magazine all at once.

How To Use An Airsoft Plastic Speed Loader?

Using an Airsoft Plastic Speed Loader is extremely easy, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble in learning how to use one!

To begin, open the top of the speed loader, there should be a small little hatch that will open up on the corner, you can pour your BBs into this slot until your speed loader is completely full.

Once your speed loader is full, you can then press the small button that will be located on one of the sides of your speed loader, this will then cause the pusher to spring out of the top of the speed loader, ready for you to begin to insert your BBs into your gun’s magazine.

Next, you have to line up the end of your speed loader, which should have an angled opening, allowing you to keep your speed loader close to your magazine as you load the BBs, preventing any spillage.

Once your speed loader and your magazine are lined up, begin pushing down on the pusher to begin loading BBs into your magazine.

You need to continue to do this until your magazine is completely full, you’ll be able to tell once this has happened as your magazine won’t allow you to insert anymore BBs, and pushing more out will mean that you’ll likely drop some BBs onto the floor, which will waste them.

Can A Speed Loader Be Used With Every Airsoft Gun?

As long as you ensure that whatever speed loader you decide to buy is designed to be used by 6mm Airsoft BB pellets, then you should have no issue whatsoever with the compatibility of the speed loader to your airsoft gun!

Remember though, that a speed loader only works best with small to medium capacity magazines, especially ones that are spring loaded.

If your Airsoft gun uses a Hi Cap magazine and is able to wind up in order to load BBs, then a speed loader is going to have very little effect on the speed that you are able to load BBs into your magazine, especially as most Hi Cap magazines can sometimes hold hundreds of rounds, so you’ll be best off filling them up from the tub or bottle that your BBs are stored in.

Are You Allowed To Use Your Speed Loader In A Skirmish?

Are You Allowed To Use Your Speed Loader In A Skirmish?

Unless your local site states otherwise, there are no rules that say that you can’t bring your Airsoft speed loader to a skirmish.

In fact, it is probably recommended that you bring along at least one speed loader full of BBs to every skirmish.

However, you don’t want to be using a speed loader every time your gun runs out of ammo.

Instead, you want to make sure that you have 3-4 magazines full of ammo and ready to use for when you need to swap magazines, as this will ensure that you keep your reload times low and are able to continue on fighting the enemy.

Your speedloader should be used during the intervals of a match, which is usually 10-15 minutes long and gives you time to refill magazines.

What Is The Capacity Of A Speed Loader?

The average speed loader can usually carry around 120-150 BBs, however, if this size of speed loader isn’t big enough for you, then there are actually larger ones available!

Bigger speedloaders can be awkward to carry however, whereas the 120-150 capacity speed loaders are able to fit into most pistol magazine pouches, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding a place to store them!

What Is A Speed Loader Adapter?

If you find that your speedloader is spilling a lot of BBs everytime you fill up a magazine, then you should look to invest in a speed loader adapter.

These adapters are a small piece of hard plastic that fits onto the end of your speed loader, and prevents any BBs from falling out or spilling as you load up your magazine.


To summarise, using a speed loader to fill up your Airsoft gun is an easy process, and after repeating the process a few times, will become second nature!

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