How To Use Your Airsoft Radio Headset

Airsoft game players learn how to use a radio headset to share information, and the same is true for the people who organize and oversee the game, the so-called marshals.

A fine radio headset is a very useful piece of equipment for airsoft.

They help with communication; for the scouts to speak with the commanders or the commanders instruct the squad leaders.

How To Use Your Airsoft Radio Headset

We strongly suggest that all participants have one radio headset in airsoft and learn how to use it so that they can hear (not talk) and stay updated on the play’s flow, as well as hear the commands from the event organizers.

It is not difficult to learn how to communicate in an army style with a 2-way radio headset. It is also a skill worthy of mastering as it will make your gaming experience a much better one.

So, let’s see how you can use a radio headset in an airsoft game!

How To Use Your Radio Headset In Airsoft

So many newbies treat radio headsets as mobile phones, simply talking on them as if they are starring in a war film: “I’m going in!” “We’re shooting back,” and so on.

You jam up the radio channel with unnecessary sounds. As a result, we do not endorse them for information exchange within the team; instead, use your voice and make gestures with your hands.

Radio listeners must always presume themselves as the intended receiver of their transmitting data and consider the content and way of saying things.

To begin, users must ensure that the person to whom they wish to talk is paying attention. In contrast to a phone line, you are not only talking to the individual you want to communicate a message to when using a radio headset.

So, before you begin saying something, make sure you have your recipient’s attention by mentioning their name.

Let’s assume Jake is the transmitter and Nick is the intended receiver of the message. Here is how Jake should relay his message:

Jake: Nick, this is Fred, are you receiving?

Now Jake needs to wait for Nick to respond, then repeat his question if Nick does not respond for a while. When Nick replies, he should say:

Nick: Jake receiving, please proceed.

Jake: There are two enemies within a ten meters range and to your left. Stay put and we are coming to cover you.

Why Is A Radio Headset Important In Airsoft?

Why Is A Radio Headset Important In Airsoft?

Once you enter an airsoft battlefield, you will realize just how important radio headsets are.

Set in big lands and play zones of more than 20 acres, the battlefields are too big for players to communicate effectively without a radio headset.

Several structures and forts are scattered throughout the zone, constructed for tactical games. The size of the squads varies, with more than a dozen players per team.

Providing staff with radios is the best way to keep track of the teams and the gameplay on such vast and diversified sites, and marshals who have radio headsets are certainly performing better at their job.

They don’t have to yell at each other, they don’t need to locate someone, and in the event of an issue, they can contact people through the headset or utilize them to initiate and end a game so that everybody is aware of when they can start playing.

Because the players and the staff are in the forest or urban environments, effective communication is essential and makes their work and game so much simpler.

While they can easily play airsoft with no radio headsets whatsoever, it would require a great deal of running around and yelling, which does not result in a pleasant, relaxed setting where no one knows where everyone else is.

Marshals also communicate with the supervisors at the base, who are responsible for maintaining a store that also serves as a maintenance work area. It is packed with a variety of firearms and gadgets, as well as multitudes of BB pellets.

Personnel must be present in the event of a gun break or if a player is too trigger-happy and runs out of ammo.

Marshals will frequently use their radio headsets to inquire about the availability of a charged battery or extra firearm.

Whilst the player is waiting on the battlefield, the personnel can collect, prepare, and bring them the necessary equipment.

A radio headset also helps with another critical thing in an Airsoft game: safety. Even though eye safety is required, masks and goggles do fall off at times.

All the participants that find themselves in such a scenario are advised to shout ‘ceasefire,’ and the impacted player to lie on the floor with their face to the floor and their hands placed over their eyes.

When the ceasefire is deemed acceptable, the impacted player can safely remove his/her mask.

In such a situation, radio communications can minimize the amount of time that gunshots are fired when a player is not wearing protective eyewear.

Radio headsets also serve as a safety measure in case you get hurt or become disoriented on the battlefield. Moreover, many airsoft sites also consider safety factors that are beyond their control.

These vary from horse riders (in forest areas where an airsoft site is located) approaching the location when a game is in progress to ordinary folks who may have wandered into the battleground.

In both cases, a ceasefire order must be relayed promptly and efficiently to all personnel and players.

The Legality Of Radios

Specific radio frequencies are restricted for certain locations around the world. For more info on which channels you can lawfully utilize, please consult your local, state, or national regulations.

Such kind of details are commonly available and can be found by conducting a simple Google search. In the United States, you must only use FRS (Family Radio Service) channels.

If you want to get more information about these channels, you can visit the FCC’s website.

The Bottom Line

Communication is essential in Airsoft, both for the players and the staff. Knowing how to use radio headsets and doing so effectively can make the game experience a great one for everyone!

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