How To Wear A Molle Tactical Vest [Airsoft Guide]

When you take part in Airsoft, there are many things that you need to take into the skirmish with you to ensure that you have everything you need for a successful campaign. 

There are many ways that you can carry the things that you need, however, keeping them organized and easily accessible is paramount to ensure that you are able to use them as and when you need them. 

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One of the best options for keeping all of your equipment accessible and organized is a Molle tactical vest.  In this article, we will look at how to wear and organize your Molle tactical vest.  

What Is A Molle Tactical Vest?

A tactical vest is a military-grade vest that can provide a level of protection and secure your gear during a skirmish. There are many pockets built into the vest to organize your equipment and keep it more easily accessible than a backpack would. 

There are many products available that are labeled as tactical vests, however, the Molle tactical vest is the most versatile of them all. 

It is the webbing that covers the majority of the Molle vest that allows you to attach whichever Molle pouches you want or need, wherever you want on the vest. 

This allows for complete personalization of your Molle tactical vest that isn’t available with other types of tactical vests. 

It is this versatility and adaptability that makes the Molle best the industry-leading product and the vest that is ultimately the best value for money for use by Airsoft players.

How To Wear A Molle Tactical Vest

Because the Molle tactical vest is so personalizable and therefore can be set up exactly how you want it to be, it is difficult to say how it should be worn.  The best answer is that it should be worn in whatever way works best for you. 

There are so many different configurations depending on what your goal is during your skirmish or your role within your team.  The choice of where you place your chosen pockets and pouches is completely personal and can only be dictated by you. 

However, there are some basic setups that can help guide you to common, useful ways to set up and wear your Molle tactical vest.

Setting Up A Molle Tactical Vest

As mentioned above, the setup of a Molle tactical vest can come down entirely to personal choice, however, if you have never set up a tactical vest before that can be kind of overwhelming. 

To help you know where to start, we have put together a couple of best setups depending on your goals or role within your team.  

How To Wear A Molle Tactical Vest [Airsoft Guide] (1)

Most Important Carry

The first and probably most basic yet overlooked setup of a Molle tactical vest is based on the most important carry.  This means that your vest load, or what you are carrying, is divided into three main categories, frequently required, sometimes required, and might be required. 

The items that fall into these categories will differ depending on the situation that you are rigging for, but the premise is the same.  

There are things that you are going to need frequently during the skirmish.  This can include things such as magazines, pistol holsters, battery packs, and even flashlights depending on the location and time of the skirmish. 

There are also things that you are going to need less frequently such as multi-tools or grenades.  Finally, there are things that you might need during the skirmish that you don’t want to not take.  This category can include things such as first aid kits and glow sticks.  

Once you have sorted your gear into these three categories, it is easier to position the pouches and pockets that you need onto the vest. 

Because this is a very general concept for setting up your vest, it can be used as a guide for any setup that is informed by the situation you are going to be in.  

Disaster Mode

If your role in your team is to be prepared for the worst-case scenario, or the medic of the team, this is the best setup for you.  When preparing for a disaster mode setup there are a few basic things that you will need to include on your vest. 

One of the most important items with this setup is a first aid kit (Check out Where To Store Your First Aid Kit During Skirmishes here).  You can purchase ready-made ones or you can build your own if you prefer.  You may also want to include water in your disaster mode setup, although this is a good idea for any setup. 

It is possible to purchase Molle water pouches that can hold water bladders of various sizes.  This is a great way to keep enough water on you for you and some of your team, although it is advisable for everyone in your team to have their own water source. 

These are the two most important parts of a disaster mode setup on your Molle vest and other equipment can be built around this.  

SHTF (Stuff Hits The Fan)

An SHTF setup with your Molle tactical vest essentially means that you are prepared for every scenario, no matter what transpires. 

For this setup, you need to include a little bit of everything, and getting the positioning of the pouches can be a little more complicated because there will be so many. 

A good tactic for setting your Molle vest up for SHTF scenarios is to keep it lightweight, focus on being fully armed, include a first aid kit, and even a knife sheath. 

You will also want to make sure that you have a few empty Molle pouches that are designed to hold anything so that you can collect things that you find along the way. 

However, because this is a survival setup, it is very personal and you might want to include other things or even omit things that we have mentioned. 

Final Thoughts

How you set up and wear a Molle tactical vest is a very personal preference and only you will be able to know how you prefer yours to be set up.  However, there are a few basic guidelines that can help you work out what that preference is. 

A little bit of trial and error with the vest will help you get the best out of it.  

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