How To Wear Your CQC Holster Set [With Platform Magazine Pouch]

If it’s your first time Airsofting, then preparing your loadout can be a pretty stressful task. Trying to decide where everything goes, where you should store certain items, and how they should be stored is a challenge for even the most experienced Airsofters sometimes. 

One of the hardest decisions to make is deciding how you’re going to wear your CQC Holster set. This is an extremely important decision and could make the difference between getting some extra kills and staying in the game longer or being taken out early.

How To Wear Your CQC Holster Set (3)

A well-positioned holster will allow you to draw your pistol with ease and get a drop on the opposition. 

In addition to a quicker draw speed, many CQC holsters will also feature a platform magazine pouch, which will make reloading your pistol even easier, so you should make sure it’s kept in a place that’s easily accessible. 

So if you’re struggling with what is the best way to wear your CQC holster set with a platform magazine pouch, then read through this guide to learn how to wear it! 

Tactical Vest

A common place for people to fit their CQC holster is on their tactical vest!

There are many reasons why this is such a common place to store a pistol for CQC scenarios, the first of which being that by keeping your pistol in a centralized position, you don’t have to worry about trying to draw your pistol if you find yourself backed up against a wall or taking cover against a doorway.

In addition to this, keeping your pistol on your tactical vest means that it is a lot higher up on your body, which makes it faster to access, particularly if you’re a taller person. 

However, sometimes keeping your pistol in your tactical vest can slow down your draw speed, which can make all the difference in CQC scenarios, where reaction times and the ability to switch between weapons quickly is vital to hit someone before they are able to shoot back. 

Try out your holster on your tactical vest before you go to the skirmish and practice drawing it from your holster as fast as you can. If you feel like this is the best option for you, then pick this one!

Left Leg

If you’re left handed, then holstering your pistol on your left leg is most certainly going to be one of the best choices for you, it means that you’ll be able to use your dominant hand to rapidly draw your pistol without having to lean across your body to drop your weapon! 

However, if you use your dominant hand in order to carry your primary weapon, then you might want to place your holster on the same leg as your off hand.

So if you’re usually right handed and want your pistol placed ready for use in your off hand, then placing it on the left leg makes a great choice. 

Right Leg

If you’re right handed and want to be able to access your pistol quickly using your dominant hand then placing your CQC holster on your right leg certainly makes the most sense.

Alternatively, if you’re left handed and want to have your pistol holster positioned ready for your pistol to be used by your off hand in a close quarters scenario, then placing your holster on your right leg makes for an excellent option should you need to swap from your primary weapon to your pistol in a hurry. 

Tactical Belt

Arguably the most common place for a pistol holster to be located, the use of a holster attached to a tactical vest is a good option for someone who wants versatility out of their pistol holster. 

By making use out of the combination of a belt and a holster, you are able to move the holster right around the belt to wherever you find suits you best, so if you’re new to airsofting and are still slightly unsure about where is going to be the best place to wear your holster, then you’ll be best suited to making use of a tactical belt and holster combination. 

How To Wear Your CQC Holster Set (3)

Picking The Right Holster For CQC

Choosing the right holster for CQC scenarios can be quite tricky for those who aren’t used to the fast paced nature of CQC Airsoft, so here’s some tips when it comes to picking the right holster. 

Firstly, you want to make sure that your holster holds your pistol well, if it is too tight then you will struggle to draw your pistol quick enough to beat your opposition.

However, if the holster is too loose, then it means that your pistol might fall out of your holster whilst you find yourself running around the arena. 

You also want to ensure that your holster features a quick release strap, this will cover the back of the pistol’s grip and will prevent it from falling out, in addition to this, it should also come away easily ready for you to draw your weapon when necessary. 

The best holsters for CQC also feature a platform magazine pouch, which will allow you to carry an extra magazine for your pistol with you at all times, which is extremely handy for CQC, as you don’t have the time to refill magazines with BBs and gas like you would in a skirmish in a more open environment.

So, with this magazine pouch, you are able to switch between magazines with ease and with pace, allowing you to continue firing at the opposition as quickly as possible. 


In conclusion, there are many ways that you can wear your CQC holster set with a platform magazine pouch, and the way you choose to do so is all up to you! So try out different options and decide what you like best!

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