How To Wear Your Rogisi Airsoft Tactical Nylon Heavy Duty Web Belt

There’s no way around it when you are taking part in Airsoft, there is a lot of stuff that you need to take with you.  There are obvious choices to help you keep all of the equipment you need with you such as packs or plate carriers. 

However, these can be bulky and hot, especially if you are taking part in Airsoft in the summer.  Luckily, there is a more compact, lightweight alternative that could be just what you are looking for. 

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In this article, we will look at the best way to wear your Rogisi Airsoft tactical nylon heavy-duty web belt.

What Is A Tactical Belt?

It is important to note that a tactical belt differs from a battle belt.  Whereas a battle belt has pockets and clips already attached to it and it sits on top of the clothing you are wearing, a tactical belt is smaller and fits through the belt loops of your pants. 

A tactical belt does not have any pockets or clips permanently attached to it, instead, you can add whatever attachments you need each time you use it. 

A tactical belt is often made of a durable, nylon webbing material that is capable of dealing with the rough treatment that it can be subjected to on the battlefield.  

Why Should You Wear A Tactical Belt?

A tactical belt is a great way to help you carry the things that you need during a battle which can change from session to session. The benefit of wearing a tactical belt rather than a battle belt is that it can be tailored to your needs in each and every Airsoft session. 

This means that you won’t have a belt that is really bulky when you are not carrying a lot of equipment. 

This does mean that you will have to plan which pockets and attachments you add to the belt every time you put it on, but that can become a sort of pre-battle ritual that can really help get you focused and in the right frame of mind.  

How To Wear A Rogisi Airsoft Tactical Nylon Heavy Duty Web Belt

A Rogisi Airsoft tactical nylon heavy-duty web belt is designed to be worn in the same way as a regular belt would be, through the loops on your pants.  However, to wear the belt and attach the accessories that you need, there is a certain way that it needs to be put on. 

Because the belt threads through the loops on your pants, it cannot be put on with the accessories and attachments already on it.  Instead, the pouches and pockets that you want to use will need to be added as you thread the belt around your pants. 

They will also need to be removed as you take the belt off.  This can require a bit of forward planning, but once you get it right, you won’t have to think twice about it. 

Before you put your tactical belt on, you should lay out the belt on a smooth surface and work out what pouches and accessories you want to attach to the belt. 

It is important to work out where the most convenient placement will be when the belt is on you because once you have threaded the accessories onto the belt it is difficult to rearrange them. 

If it is the first time that you have used a tactical belt it may take a bit of practice to work out the best placement for each pouch or holster.  

Because of the belt loops on your pants, you will have to thread the pouches as you pass the belt through the loops that you want the accessories to sit between. 

This can make the process of putting the belt on, and subsequently taking it off, a bit of a lengthy process but it can still be better than carrying a bulky battle belt when you don’t need to.  

How To Wear Your Rogisi Airsoft Tactical Nylon Heavy Duty Web Belt (1)

What Can You Put On A Tactical Belt?

There are a number of common attachments that you can add to your belt that can be useful during your Airsoft sessions.  One of the most versatile attachments that you can use on the belt is a general pouch. 

These pouches can be used to hold anything that will fit in them, from your phone to magazines, to spare battery packs. 

Another common attachment is a pistol holster that is great for carrying extra weapons.  The positioning of a holster is very important when you are putting your tactical belt on because you will want to access the pistol quickly and easily. 

There is nothing worse than wanting to get your other gun out and not being able to reach it because it is at the back of your pants.  

You can also purchase single and double magazine pouches that are specifically designed to keep your spare magazines secure and easily accessible.  This can be invaluable when things are getting intense on the battlefield. 

There are many different styles of magazine pouches available on the market and finding the one that works best for you might take a bit of trial and error.  

It is also possible to get tactical medical kits that can be attached to the belt.  These can be invaluable, especially during longer campaign sessions. 

If you are in a team, only one person needs to have one, however, with tactical belts, it would be easy for everyone in your team to carry one.  

Final Thoughts

The Rogisi Airsoft tactical nylon heavy-duty web belt is a great addition to your Airsoft kit and will help you to keep all of the equipment you need for a successful campaign. 

It may take a while to get the belt on and off but the freedom with the placement of the pouches makes up for it. 

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