Should You Get A Military Watch For Airsoft?

When it comes to designing your Airsoft loadout, you want it to be as comprehensive as possible, covering every base you can think of, and ensuring that you’re not caught out whilst on the battlefield.

Should You Get A Military Watch For Airsoft

When you’re trying to identify what you’ll need throughout the duration of a skirmish, a lot of things immediately come to mind, magazine pouches, hydration packs, a pistol holster, and eye protection are just a few that will likely be high up on your list. 

However, one thing that a lot of people seem to forget in their loadouts is a watch.

A watch can be an essential piece of equipment, especially if you want to try to figure out how much longer a match might have left, or how long it has been since the enemy last attacked, and chances are you don’t want to risk pulling your phone out on the battlefield in case you either drop it or it gets shot, which is exactly why you should carry a watch!

What Does A Watch Need For Airsoft?

If you think a watch is going to be a good addition to your airsoft loadout, then there are a few qualities that you should look for before deciding on a watch to wear for a skirmish. 

The first thing to consider is comfort, if you’re going to be wearing the watch for long periods of time whilst being quite active then you want to ensure that whatever watch you’re going to wear is going to be comfortable on your wrist. 

For this, try to look for a watch that makes use of a leather or canvas strap, and ideally, one that has plenty of adjustment holes so that you can ensure that it fits perfectly on your wrist.

Remember, Airsoft is an intensive sport, and requires you to do a lot of running, jogging, and even climbing and crawling in some cases, so you should make sure that whatever watch you choose is going to be able to stay on your wrist. 

You should also try to think of the construction of the watch in general, Airsoft guns fire BBs at quite a high power, and the likelihood is that if you have a watch with a glass watch face, then it’s probably going to crack or break.

Therefore, you should keep in mind what material the watch you plan on using for Airsoft is going to be before you choose. 

Popular options include G-Shock watches, which are known for their durability and rugged construction, and thanks to their plastic and resin construction, they’re lightweight yet able to withstand most knocks or drops you might experience whilst playing Airsoft. 

A great rule of thumb when it comes to deciding what watch is going to be best for playing Airsoft is to only use a watch that you feel comfortable knowing might either be shot at, and crack, or be knocked and break whilst playing, especially if you’re someone who regularly skirmishes outdoors, as things such as trees, wooden or concrete structures can all be potential hazards. 

One of the best pieces of advice for wearing a watch whilst airsofting is to wear it with the face of the watch facing inwards, on your inner wrist, this will ensure that if you do end up hitting your wrist against a surface, or if you get hit in the wrist by a BB, then your watch face will be protected!

Should I Get A Military Watch For Airsoft?

When trying to decide what sort of watch is going to be best suited for using whilst playing Airsoft, then you might find yourself considering a military watch as an option for Airsoft. 

Choosing a military watch for Airsoft is a great idea if you’re trying to immerse yourself in the war atmosphere a little more, and it is quite common for people to include actual military equipment into their Airsoft loadouts in order to provide a sense of realism when it comes to a skirmish. 

If you’re looking to wear a certain military uniform whilst in an Airsoft skirmish, then the likelihood is that you’ll want to try and find a watch that will remain true and accurate to the uniform that you plan on wearing.

For this, you should try to look at what sort of watches were released around the time of the uniform that you’re trying to copy! 

However, if you just feel like a military watch will help to provide the level of durability you will need to endure an Airsoft skirmish, then you should consider all of the factors you usually would when it comes to deciding what watch to wear on the battlefield.

Ensure that it is both comfortable and secure on your wrist so that you don’t have to worry about it dropping and breaking during combat, or dropping it and losing it completely! 

Where To Find A Military Watch For Airsoft?

If you’re going to try to find out where you can purchase a military watch in order to wear it for Airsoft, then there are plenty of places where you should be able to purchase a military watch, whether you’re shopping in person, or online!

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If you’re shopping in person, then you should definitely try to find your local army/military surplus store, these stores are filled with loads of ex-military equipment and gear, so are often a great place for those interested in Airsofting to shop!

Just ask some of the employees at the store whether or not they have any ex-military watches that are available for purchase!

If you’re trying to find some ex-military watches online, then you should definitely see if you can find any surplus websites, or have a look through some auction sites such as eBay to see if you can find some authentic military gear there!

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