What Is A Dump Drop Pouch In Airsoft? [Uses & More]

Many airsoft players include a dump drop pouch in their airsoft kit. However, what is a dump drop pouch? How are they used in airsoft and what features do they have?

What Is A Dump Drop Pouch In Airsoft [Uses & More]

A dump drop pouch is a convenient item of storage that is commonly used to hold spent magazines, however, it has many more uses than that.

In this article, we will look at the dump drop pouch in more detail.

What Is a Dump Drop Pouch?

Dump drop pouches, also known just as dump pouches, are hollow pouches that can be attached to your belt. Some dump drop pouches can expand to allow more space but this isn’t always the case. 

They’re very common in airsoft these days and you might even see more airsoft players with dump pouches than players that don’t have them.

They can be very handy while playing and this is why they’ve become so popular.

The history of the dump drop pouch is a little muddied as some people insist it was created by airsoft players but this isn’t the case (Check out Why Should You Get A Multipurpose Pouch For Airsoft).

Although its exact origins are unknown, it seems to have been first used by soldiers who needed some additional storage for their empty magazines.

Now, there are many different types of dump drop pouches available to buy in a variety of materials and sizes. However, in combat situations, soldiers have been making their dump drop pouches out of anything they had on hand. 

What Are They Used For?

Dump drop pouches are a convenient and quick way to access additional storage. Airsoft players can use them for many purposes.

Empty Magazines

This is the most common and typical use for dump drop pouches. They give players a convenient place to keep empty magazines so that they don’t get mixed up with magazines that are still to be used.

If you keep empty and fresh magazines in the same place, you can waste precious seconds trying to find a full magazine when you’ve emptied your last one. A dump drop pouch stops this from happening.

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It can also waste time to try and put empty magazines back in their original pouches. Many of these pouches have Velcro fastenings and will require two hands to put a magazine away. A dump drop pouch is easier and quicker to navigate and use.

You can also take advantage of quiet periods of the game to ensure that your empties are in your dump drop pouch so that if you need a new magazine in the heat of battle, you don’t need to think.


Some airsoft players like to keep their gloves in their dump drop pouch when they’re not being worn. If you ever need to take your gloves off for any reason, putting them somewhere can be difficult.

Gloves make pockets bulky and can be difficult to pull out smoothly when they’re needed. A dump drop pouch keeps them close at hand and means you can quickly access them whenever you need to.

Snacks And Water

Airsoft games can run over several hours so keeping your calorie intake up can be very important. It’s also very important to remain hydrated as you can easily become dehydrated by running around or playing outside on a hot day.

A dump drop pouch gives you more space to keep yourself going no matter the circumstances.

Quick Storage

Many airsoft players also use their dump drop pouch for any items they know they will frequently need to call on or will need shortly after putting them in the pouch.

As it’s so quick and easy to take items in and out of a pouch, this makes it very convenient for quick storage. Instead of holding something in your hands for a couple of minutes because you know you’ll need it soon, you can use your dump drop pouch.

Key Features

Let’s now look at some of the key features of a dump drop pouch. These features are what make them such a good piece of kit for airsoft players.

Easy Access

Dump drop pouches have a large opening and this makes it easy to pull things in and out of the pouch.

You don’t have to worry about items getting stuck or dragging on the sides of the opening as it is large enough to easily take magazines and most other items you’ll want to put in there.

It makes dropping things into the pouch a breeze and once you get used to the positioning of your pouch, you’ll be able to drop things inside without even looking at it.

Secure Closure

Although dump drop pouches have an easy access opening, they can also be securely fastened if they need to be. You don’t need to worry about items dropping out while you’re running around or lying prone as long as you close your pouch first. 

Leg Strap

As pouches attach to your belt, this means that the bottom of the pouch is often left loose. When running, this can cause the pouch to bounce against your leg and can become uncomfortable.

If your pouch is loaded down with particularly heavy or bulky items, it could even cause you to become banged up and bruised.

Many dump drop pouches include a leg strap so you can prevent it from moving in this way. This keeps your dump drop pouch secure and helps it keep its shape without removing any of its functionality.

Final Thoughts

A dump drop pouch isn’t a vital piece of kit in the same way your airsoft gun or protective equipment  (Check out What Is A Protective Scope Baffle here) is . However, it can be very useful and many airsoft players wouldn’t take to the field without one.

Whether you want to use a dump drop pouch or not is your choice and we hope the information in this article will help you decide whether a dump drop pouch is for you or not.

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