What Is An Airsoft Rail Cover For? [A Guide To Energy Slots Soft Rail Covers]

If you’ve recently gotten into airsoft or are considering picking it up as a hobby, you’ll need to spend some time (and money) looking for and purchasing all the equipment you need.

While some of the gear needed for airsoft is fairly self-explanatory (the gun and helmet, for example), there are other pieces of kit that you might not even realize you need until you run into a problem.

What Is An Airsoft Rail Cover For? [A Guide To Energy Slots Soft Rail Covers]

One example of this is an airsoft rail cover.

Rail covers for airsoft aren’t mentioned a lot in guides to necessary airsoft gear, but they’re actually very important, and if you don’t invest in one early, your airsoft pistol or rifle could get scratched or otherwise damaged.

Read on to find out what an airsoft rail cover is, what it’s for, and answers to other related questions about airsoft equipment.

What Is An Airsoft Rail Cover?

So, first of all, what is an airsoft rail cover? It’s basically exactly what it sounds like: it’s a cover for the rail of your airsoft rifle or pistol.

For context, the rail on an airsoft rifle or pistol is a type of mounting bracket that allows you to mount different attachments to your gun.

In most cases, the rail is positioned on the upper receiver of the rifle or on the hand guard. On airsoft pistols, the usual positioning is on the bottom of the barrel.

So, an airsoft rail cover is a cover that is placed on the mounting bracket of your airsoft gun.

Most high-quality airsoft rail covers are made from high-quality polymer materials which are both durable enough to provide protection and withstand impact as well as soft enough to make gripping your airsoft gun a more comfortable experience.

What Is The Purpose Of An Airsoft Rail Cover?

If you’re wondering what the purpose of an airsoft rail cover is, it’s ultimately to protect the rail from damage.

Because of where the rifle or pistol rail is typically positioned, it’s susceptible to being damaged in various ways, whether it’s from physical impact or a buildup of dust and debris that can damage the metal over time, even when it’s in storage.

Airsoft rails often aren’t finished with the same protective coating that the guns themselves are, so they can be more vulnerable than the guns when it comes to getting damaged.

If you use an airsoft rail cover, you’ll be much more likely to be able to continue using the same rail for years to come because it won’t be as exposed.

Additionally, airsoft rail covers can be used during play, which means that they also serve the purpose of making your grip more comfortable during the game.

This can improve your performance as well as your enjoyment of the sport.

Do I Really Need An Airsoft Rail Cover?

Do I Really Need An Airsoft Rail Cover?

Having an airsoft rail cover is by no means a requirement to participate in the sport.

Many players don’t see a need for these covers, and some prefer to use gloves to enhance their grip rather than relying on a cover for this purpose.

Depending on what your airsoft rail is made of, you might decide that you don’t need either a cover or gloves to handle it comfortably.

However, if your airsoft rail is made entirely of metal, you’re likely to experience some discomfort if you play for extended periods of time without some form of protection for your hands.

The question of whether or not to use an airsoft rail cover also depends on how important your rail is to you and how much you want to protect it.

If you’ve purchased a cheap rail for the time being and are planning to replace it at some point anyway, a cover might not be necessary for now, but if you’ve bought a high-quality rail and don’t want to replace it anytime soon, a cover is a good investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Other Accessories Do I Need for My Airsoft Rifle?

In addition to an airsoft rail cover, you may need a few more accessories or attachments for your airsoft rifle or pistol.

For example, you may want to invest in a handguard, speed loader, moon clip, extra mounts, or a lens protector.

Other examples of attachments you should consider include a holographic sight or an external battery charger (Check out Where To Store Your Airsoft Gun Batteries Here).

Again, much like a rail cover, not all of these accessories and attachments are essential, but they can improve your game and just make your life easier in some cases.

What Is A Keymod Rail In Airsoft?

Keymod is a popular airsoft rail system. These rails are smaller than other types of airsoft rails so they’re lighter and easier to work with.

What Is The Difference Between A Picatinny And A Weaver Rail?

In addition to Keymod, the other main rail systems for airsoft guns are Picatinny and Weaver.

While Weaver rails have smaller slots that are spaced closer together, Picatinny rails have wider slots positioned further apart from one another.

This also means that Weaver rails have more slots overall while Picatinny rails have fewer slots.

Wider slots like those on the Picatinny rails can be useful for larger attachments, but if you want to be able to have more attachments on your airsoft gun and aren’t using anything too large, a Weaver rail system might be best.

Final Thoughts

An airsoft rail cover serves a couple of different purposes.

First of all, it is used for protection because a cover can help to shield your airsoft rail attachment from dust and debris as well as impact damage.

Airsoft rail covers are also important for your comfort during the game because holding your gun for a long time can get uncomfortable if you don’t have a good-quality cover for your rail.

You might think you don’t need a rail cover for your airsoft gun, but we recommend buying one and seeing what difference it makes.

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