Where To Store Molle Tactical First Aid Pouch During Airsoft Skirmishing

There is a lot of preparation that goes into an Airsoft skirmish, and getting everything ready can often be a rather complicated task, especially if it’s your first time actually attending an Airsoft skirmish! 

One of the hardest things to figure out whilst preparing is how and where you’re going to store all of the tactical gear you need whilst skirmishing.

Where To Store Molle Tactical First Aid Pouch During Airsoft Skirmishing

Many people rely upon a convenient tactical vest, which often makes use of the MOLLE system, a way of attaching different pouches and storage options to your tactical vest, this versatile system makes it much easier for you to attach various things to your vest, which is incredibly convenient for ensuring that you have a comprehensive loadout in your Airsoft skirmishes. 

To ensure you truly bring everything you need with you to your Airsoft skirmish, you should definitely think about bringing a first aid kit with you, but if you’re unsure about where to store your first aid kit, then don’t worry, as we’ve made a guide of where you should consider storing your first aid kit during an Airsoft skirmish, and what to include!

Where To Store Molle Tactical First Aid Pouch

If you’re planning on carrying a first aid pouch on your MOLLE tactical vest then ideally you want to try and store it in a convenient place.

However, you also want to try to make sure that your first aid pouch doesn’t impede access to any of your other items on your tactical vest, such as weapon magazines, BB speed loaders, replacement batteries, a pistol holster, or even things such as snack bars or hydration bladders.

Additionally, the likelihood of you needing any sort of extensive use of your first aid pouch during an Airsoft is pretty slim, so you shouldn’t have to worry about it being the first thing you are able to reach during a skirmish, but having it somewhere accessible is the best idea. 

For this, we recommend keeping your first aid pouch situated either on the same side as your dominant hand, so if you’re right handed, keep your first aid pouch on the right side of your tactical vest.

Whereas if you’re left handed, then keep your pouch on the left side of your tactical vest. It may seem counterintuitive to do this, however, if you keep your pistol holstered on your tactical vest, then you want to be able to reach that with your dominant hand instead. 

Keeping your first aid pouch on the front of your tactical vest will ensure you’re able to reach it no matter the situation, and you won’t have to worry about removing your tactical vest in order to have access to your medical pouch, which ensures that if you did need to access it, you don’t have to worry about easy access. 

Where To Store Molle Tactical First Aid Pouch During Airsoft Skirmishing

What To Include In Your First Aid Pouch

If you’re going to carry a first aid pouch, then you’ll also have the dilemma of deciding what you’re going to include in your pouch too!

With such limited room in your pouch, you want to make sure that you carry everything you might potentially need in the middle of a skirmish. Thankfully, we’ve put together a guide of some of the things you should think of including in your First Aid Pouch for an Airsoft skirmish!

  • The first thing you should consider including in your first aid pouch is a set of band-aids, and be sure to include various sizes too. Band-aids are so versatile and can help with any number of injuries that you might encounter in a skirmish, whether its a blister on your heel as a result of a new pair of boots, or perhaps a small graze because you tripped over a loose tree root, a band-aid will ensure that you’re able to protect your wound from any infection or further irritation, so that you can carry on as normal. 
  • Another essential to carry is a small bottle of antibacterial gel, if you’re going to be treating anyone’s injuries on the battlefield then you need to ensure that your hands are clean of any bacteria that could potentially infect them before you begin. In conjunction with this, you should also carry some antiseptic cream, which you can apply to an open wound to help clean it and prevent infection. 
  • Painkillers are another great asset in a medical kit, if you find yourself suffering from a headache, or some pain because you’re carrying an injury, then you can take some painkillers along with some water to help ease the pain you’re in so that you can continue playing. Remember to ensure that you’re able to take the medicine before you decide to carry it with you though!
  • Gauzes, tape and scissors are a classic combination and are a great way of helping to patch up an injury that is perhaps too big to be dealt with through the use of band-aids. Plus, tape and scissors can have multiple uses throughout a skirmish, and not just medical ones, which makes carrying them even more convenient. 
  • Medical gloves are another essential you should carry in your first aid kit and will ensure that you avoid contact with your hands and a wound, which could spread infection, even if you clean the wound and your hands beforehand. 


So there you have it! Those are some of the items that we think you should be carrying in your first aid pouch during an Airsoft skirmish.

So with those items, alongside a well placed MOLLE tactical first aid pouch, you should have no problem the next time you have a medical emergency during an Airsoft skirmish! 

Remember, that most Airsoft site marshalls will be first-aid trained, and if there is a serious injury, you should probably allow them to deal with it instead. 

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