Where To Store Your Airsoft Gun Batteries

Batteries are crucial in airsoft and can frequently determine the fate of an AEG.

Indeed, batteries are one of the initial advancements players should consider when looking to upgrade their airsoft weapon, and understanding how to properly maintain them is critical.

Where To Store Your Airsoft Gun Batteries

When you have never managed airsoft batteries, you should be aware of the basic rules for safe storing and how to avoid breaking one.

Batteries are delicate, so take your time when working with them!

How To Keep Airsoft Batteries Safe

It’s not like all batteries are identical, but it is best to use most batteries on a regular basis to avoid deterioration.

When you end up leaving the battery in storage for a couple of months without reaching for it or getting it charged, you should anticipate that it will lose its quality and performance standards.

Therefore, it is important to start using them every now and then to maintain them in the very same way you do with the rest of the airsoft equipment.

Keep in mind that maintenance is absolutely vital in airsoft.

Here are a couple of extra tips to help you extend the life of your batteries:

  • Preserve the batteries in secure bags; you can utilize any bags, like zip lock bags, but for LiPo battery systems, it is preferable to store them in a fire-resistant LiPo bag. They are incredibly cheap and essential for preservation.
  • Store them at a fixed temperature and never less than -20 degrees Celsius.
  • Keep the storage area dry, if batteries are exposed to humidity they can easily break.
  • Do not store the batteries in the same location as other pieces of metal.
  • Make sure you are charging your battery to at least 70% before stashing them for an extended period of time.
  • LiPo batteries should not ever go so low that they reach 0% while stored, whereas other battery types, like the ones made from nickel, could survive such conditions. However, even they will benefit from being kept at least 30% charged.

Is It Possible To Store A Battery In An Airsoft Gun?

You can safely leave most batteries in your airsoft gun provided that you look after them and do not leave them entirely empty for an extended timeframe (typically no more than a couple of weeks).

If you start charging your batteries and then end up leaving them inside your airsoft guns, they will be just as okay as they would be if you’d left them outside.

Even so, LiPo batteries are much more delicate, and as such although you might get away with other batteries for a couple of weeks, we suggest you unplug the LiPo to avoid discharging.

You wouldn’t want for a LiPo to become fully powered and then remain in that state as that could destroy it.

We may also argue that if a battery becomes defective and begins to drip, it could affect the weapon too, but batteries do not spontaneously break, so just make sure your battery is good before putting it inside your weapon and pay additional attention if it is a LiPo.

Advice For Correctly Charging Batteries

Advice For Correctly Charging Batteries

If any of the following conditions apply, don’t charge your batteries:

  • Battery hardly even charges (This indicates that the charger or the batteries have failed, and it is not wise to keep using either in this condition. When a battery starts showing signs of breakdown, it is best to discard it as it may become unsafe; nevertheless, if the charger fails, it is possible to fix it.)
  • The battery has a fracture, appears clunky, or has managed to change color considerably
  • The charger is incompatible with the batteries (Don’t ever try to charge a LiPo battery with an incompatible charger).

Chargers That Can Be Used

Typical Charger

Classic chargers are the most popular chargers, and depending on the system, a few are better than others.

We can argue that a good standard charger ought to be able to detect and inhibit heat build-up, but several basic chargers do not have this capability.

Classic chargers are appropriate for their stated function, yet they are not designed for calibration, so they keep charging for a predetermined amount of time and then halt without providing any useful information about charging amounts.

You’ll notice that standard chargers might well require some guesswork and knowledge of the battery type you have in order to maximize its charging time while also avoiding getting it undercharged or overcharged.

Smart Charger

Smart chargers have come to our rescue; they address the shortcomings of standard chargers at the expense of a higher price.

These chargers are pricier than standard chargers, however, you’ll always feel secure with them.

Smart chargers provide you with information about charging levels and automatically fine-tune the battery charge to its maximum capacity.

To give you an example, when your battery reaches 30% of capacity when you inserted it into the charger, the smart charger will recognize that all it requires is to charge to 70% for the battery to be fully charged.

Even if it only needs another 5 minutes because it was more or less full and only required a small amount of energy to fill up or more than that, smart chargers will still complete the process on time and show you the green light to indicate that it all went according to plan.

If you end up leaving the charger plugged in, it will not heat up or damage the battery.

Lipo Battery Charger

Because of the unique LiPo tech that distinguishes them from other batteries, LiPo batteries need a charger with the ability to balance them.

LiPo batteries must be charged uniformly within each cell in order to operate properly when emptying.

The Bottom Line

Learning how to store and charge your batteries is as important as maintaining the rest of the airsoft gear. So, use our advice in this article and you should be able to keep your batteries going for a long time!

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