Which Pants Should You Wear For Airsoft? [Planning Ahead]

Ready to play your first ever airsoft game? In this article, we will discuss what you should wear to airsoft games, especially when it comes to pants,

Given that you may have a price limit in mind, we will cover all of the necessary and optional equipment you will need.

Which Pants Should You Wear For Airsoft? [Planning Ahead]

If you are new to airsoft and are being advised that you need a ton of body armor and tactical clothing to take part in the gameplay, this is most likely a ploy to get you to waste more money.

You will be surprised to find out that most of the clothes you can wear are already in your closet. Shall we have a look?

Which Pants Should You Wear For Airsoft?

The answer is quite simple here: combat pants. Still confused? Let’s have a look at what we mean.

Nowadays, it is very easy to find combat pants on the market and there are a lot of choices available. These pants have various features but finding one that fits you can be difficult since it is going to depend on your preferences and budget.

Combat Pants & Their Purpose

Generally, combat pants serve three functions: safety, camouflage, and function as a carrying system. But what exactly are we referring to?


We mean that your pants are your primary layer of defense against the enemy’s BB pellets. This type of pants is typically water-repellent to some extent, while some are created to be fire-retardant or fire-proof.

While this is unnecessary for the purposes of the game, it gives you an idea of just how good they are.

Knee Pads

Knee pads are also a protective element that is becoming more common nowadays. They are principally designed to shield the knees from impacts on rough surfaces.

If you are used to going down on your knees when playing and aiming, then knee pads are something you should definitely have, so having them as part of your pants is like killing two birds with one stone.


Camouflage is a further way this pair of pants protects you.

However, it is only effective when the pattern and color combinations you are wearing blend in with the colors found in the environment you are playing in.

Carrying System

Finally, combat pants are intended to be a comfortable carrying system for various equipment and supplies. Combat pants typically have about ten pockets in strategic locations for easy accessibility or storage.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Jeans are frequently the pants of preference for beginners in airsoft. They’re tough, they provide adequate protection, and unless you are wearing your Sunday’s best that you just bought, you won’t mind if they get dirty.

Cargo pants and sweatpants are also decent alternatives.

Even so, every person enjoying playing airsoft or even paintball ought to get a pair of combat pants because, apart from such a game, they can be worn for dozens of other tasks.

Hobbyists and professional airsoft players can back us up on the importance of protecting the knees with those knee pads, so even if you go for some classic jeans at first, make sure to buy a pair of knee pads for them.

What Else Should I Wear To Play Airsoft?

What Else Should I Wear To Play Airsoft?

Eye Protection

For mandatory eye protection, you have the option of goggles, glasses, or a face mask.

We advise you not to spend a lot of money on this at first, but please do not skimp on eye protection as it is the only significant accident that can occur in airsoft.

With the right protective eye gear eye protection, you won’t need to be concerned about getting injured, except for the occasional bruiser.

Should you be cheap with your eye protection and opt for a pair of low-quality glass or plastic protection, this could easily break in the heart of the action, exposing your eyes to inbound BBs.

There aren’t any concerns with great eye protection because well-known brands provide a quality guarantee and review their products repeatedly before sending them to retail locations.

It is suggested that the eye protection be double-checked at home by trying to shoot at it with an airsoft gun, merely to be confident about its performance.

Like, we said there are some clothes you might already own which you can wear at airsoft. Especially if this is your first time and you are not 100% sure you will enjoy it and play again so as to buy new clothes, here is what you can wear.


Good boots are at the top of our list of things you should wear at airsoft. You may already have some, but if you don’t, you must get a pair.

Playing airsoft in casual shoes is possible, but it will start getting painful after a while.


Many newbies wear hoodies for their first airsoft game.

All of us own a hoody, and it is comfy and can provide adequate protection for the entire chest area, along with the neck, ears, and head.

Fitness Apparel

Fitness apparel is more comfortable and does not cause as much sweating as other clothing.

Given that you’ll be moving a lot in airsoft, this is a great choice; however, keep in mind that it might not completely protect you from feeling any pain.


You could enjoy airsoft without gloves but getting shot in the fingers or knuckles is incredibly painful. A pair of decent gloves will reduce the likelihood of this occurring.

The Bottom Line

You probably already have a good pair of jeans in your closet that can do the work for your first airsoft game.

As time goes by, though, you will probably start adding new clothes like combat pants to your collection as you’ll notice that playing airsoft in them is much more enjoyable.

However, even with the best pair of combat pants, what is important is that you always wear eye protection since it is the most important piece of equipment; the rest is optional, and you might also have them all in your closet.

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